A rigorous approach to research and business is a determinant of the projects, studies and strategies I conduct. After all, they are based on professional, often innovative research methods developed in cooperation with a team of experts and on thorough implementation founded on top quality expertise. 


The compiled training programme proposals are inspired by an analysis of user needs and global trends in management, communication and technology development. When working on a training I always start by defining the required change. 


My lectures combine the realm of business, research expertise and the goal to inspire action. They are grounded in research in the meetings industry, marketing, management and psychology, case studies from a given business field, as well as my own experiences. 


Scientific life is a part of my work, which I approach with great passion and dedication. I treat meetings industry as part of the economy and interdisciplinary field of science. My projects and research work are focused around disciplines such as management, economics, geography, international relations, and finally tourism.



A speaker, a trainer, a business consultant, an academic lecturer and an entrepreneur.


I specialise in the meetings industry, event marketing and event management. My scientific research, trainings and keynotes are all built on knowledge in economics, business psychology, sociology, marketing and cultural studies.


I conduct workshops and trainings, give lectures and moderate panel discussions, debates and management meetings. I implement research projects, build strategies and provide business consulting services.


I help organisations, institutions and companies in the areas of management, communication, motivation and business development, with particular emphasis on the meetings industry (event marketing).

Celuch Consulting is an active participant of research and collaboration in the process of shaping education for the future. 






Founder & EventCanvas co-creator

"Krzysztof has an inexhaustible drive to bring projects, ideas and practical innovations to life whenever he sees the chance. I have had the tremendous pleasure to collaborate with him frequently and our collaborations have turned into a sincere and authentic friendship. He is authentic, smart, agile and the type of person who will move mountains for the causes he believes in. In the Meetings Industry, he is the undisputed leader that has brought Poland to the world stage for Meetings & Events. I consider it a privilege to call Krzysztof a valued colleague and true friend."


Former Director, Vienna Convention Bureau

"I followed the career of Krzysztof over the years and he was key to establish the Poland Convention Bureau and to put Poland on the international meetings map. His active contribution on various international levels, MPI, Alliance of National Convention Bureaus in Europe, ICCA etc. helped a lot to make Poland visible. Poland as a meeting destination was and is Krzysztof. And he did not forget that the quality of a destination is reflected by valid statistical data. He invented and worked hard to establish the Poland Meeting Industry Statistics which is today a key tool for the whole meeting industry in Poland."


CEO at Positive Impact Event 

"I worked with Krzysztof for over 4 years as a member of Meeting Professionals International, International Board of Directors. The board of 16 created the future strategy for the association of over 17,000 global members and Krzysztof provided significant input on areas including: industry education, strategic partnerships with destinations and membership engagement. I have always found Krzysztof to be reliable, strategic, insightful and dedicated to contributing to the improvement of the meetings industry and I hope to have the opportunity to work with him in the future."


Vice President Corporate & Incentive Americas, Silversea Cruises

"Krzysztof is an industry professional that I have had the pleasure working with on many industry projects. In our past several years we have worked with Site Young Leaders program and IMEX Challenge (CSR Project). During the IMEX Challenge Krzysztof was instrumental in creating an experience in his hometown of Warsaw, where industry leaders from around the world came together to offer a lending hand for an incredible charity. During this week he was also able to show a destination he calls home and create over 20 new ambassadors for Poland. I always look forward to working with Krzysztof on industry project. This is primarily due to the professionalism and energy he carries and the ability to bring a world of talent together for the greater good of each project."



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