The compiled training programme proposals are inspired by an analysis of user needs and global trends in management, communication and technology development.

When working on a training I always start by defining the required change, an analysis of needs, context, as well as the level of knowledge and skills in a given field among the potential participants. During the workshops I combine a substantial foundation with a creative approach based on interactions with participants intended to boost their engagement. I use both my own experiences and case studies to prepare materials.

I run trainings for management staff, employees of destination marketing organisations, conference and event venues, exhibition venues and hotels, as well as corporate and company teams regardless of the industry they are involved in. 

Examples of training programmes

Effective cooperation models

A training programme dedicated to building relations, communication and cooperation in a team, both of the permanent and project type. A separate model is focused on collaboration within an industry or between sectors. Nonetheless, all of the discussed programmes refer to building relations and teamwork based on shared goals and knowledge. 



  • the ability to cooperate within a team;

  • definition of roles and functions in a team;

  • improved communication;

  • the ability to build relations;

  • focus on creating experiences. 

Efficient motivation techniques

When undertaking challenges, developing events, building a team or managing a sales team, motivation is always a necessity, whether for yourself, the team that you are working with or the target group that you trying to reach and inspire to act in a specific way. In other words, motivation is a fundamental value of business operations. The discussed motivation-centred programme consists of an interactive workshop intended to generate a new attitude of its participants. A separate programme involves a workshop dedicated to the motivation of leaders, where the issue in question appears in a dual role.



  • the ability to stay focused on goals;

  • the ability to work with a team;

  • building and maintaining management;

  • the ability to motivate yourself and then others (leaders).  

Operations strategies of destinations and venues

A form of workshops dedicated to the positioning analysis of a given venue, destination, destination marketing organisations (including convention bureaus), it concerns the current operating model, competitor analysis, definition of key players and global trends, and takes into consideration the capacities and objectives of a particular subject. Based on a joint analysis of case studies and the search for best practices (benchmarking), the training culminates with participants working together to draw conclusions and create a list of tasks to be implemented in the way their organisation operates.



  • team engagement in operations analysis;

  • proposals of changes aimed at an organisation’s efficient operation;

  • defined competition and best practices;

  • increased effectiveness of the entity’s operations in a defined area.

Statistics are sexy or how to collect data

A training dedicated to statistical data as a component influencing the development of diverse areas of business operations. Workshop participants use their heretofore experiences and expected changes to confirm what their strategy is based on and what hard data they are missing. Placing emphasis on understanding the role of figures and data, the programme focuses on the need to and methods of collecting and analysing statistical data to achieve goals such as increased competitiveness, improved sales results, image makeover, etc.



  • the ability to apply statistical data in the achievement of objectives;

  • the ability to analyse statistical data;

  • the ability to assess the reliability of statistical data collection (incl. methods, techniques).


Eventcanvas – a new way of event management  

Workshops dedicated to a new method of developing events, their planning, arrangement and management. EventCanvas is a strategic management template for developing or documenting events. The proposed model is based on taking into consideration the expectations, potential profits and problem solutions of all parties, event stakeholders. The visual chart is intended to outline their behaviour and expectations, along with the costs and anticipated revenues.



  • increased efficiency and effectiveness of events;  

  • effective management of an event project;

  • engagement of the whole team and role assignment. 

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